Inspired by simplicity, death, anxiety, and depression this blog comes to life. 

Hello, my name is Rene and I’m the writer behind ReneFerret.net. 

Everything started last year as my dad was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer, and unfortunately did not make. You hear the consequences of cancer, you even know a friend of a friend who’s fighting it, yet you don’t completely understand it until you experience it full on. 

It was a terrible battle, chemo, surgery, more chemo, radiation, malnourishment, the declining of a human life, many sleepless nights, and finally reaching hospice care, coma and finally death.

it’s been 3 months since he left us, and for what I can tell this feeling of emptiness will never go away, one can learn to live with it, but one can never forget it.

In memory of my beloved father, I decided to create this blog and record life experiences, things I’m learning, memories and events.

For many years I struggled with depression and anxiety, and if I don’t keep my self-awareness present at all times, I still do from time to time. Somewhere in life I went from being the popular kid at school to some shy person that’s having a hard time to open up to even the closest friends and family.

Something I’ve learned from all this is that even your biggest problems become small when facing death and being fully aware that there’s nothing that can be done in order to change that. 

A little more about me:

  • I’m Cuban, live in Miami.
  • I love writing, photography, self-improvement, reading. 
  • I’m about to graduate from college, I’m pursuing my bachelors degree in Psychology. 
  • I love fitness and currently working to get in shape. 
  • Again, I talk a lot about anxiety, depression not so much, and the things I’m doing/have done to get myself back on my feet.
  • I consider myself to be a minimalist. 
  • I eat extremely healthy most of the time.

Topics of conversation:

I’m big on:

  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Minimalism as a lifestyle
  • Photography, Photoshop, Design, and social media. 

Where I’m at right now:

I’d like to improve my writing and photography skills, and start doing creative projects such as crafting, and paintings, so I’m using it all to develop this website, find ways to deal with my inner issues, and hopefully you can learn something from it as well. 

If you’d like to contact me you could do so through social media, here, or email.