Worst Year Ever!

Where to begin... It's been a terrible year for me and my family. Last year, my father was diagnosed with gastric cancer, and after a long battle of painful treatments, sleepless nights, plenty of falls, many days of hospital visits and sleep overs, he sadly did not make it and passed on August 1st at 10:40pm. 

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Lifestyle Assessment.

This project consisted in taking an inventory of my current lifestyle. For about two weeks I paid close attention to what I eat, how I exercises, my struggles, my belief systems, my relationships, my level of happiness, and basically everything that involves my well-being. The results were very satisfactory. Compare to many people around me I notice I take the time to look at what I eat, I spend time exercising consistently and manage pretty well my stress, relationships, obstacles, happiness, and even in tough moments I’m still able to make the best out of bad situations and push-through the worst.

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On Living Frugally

I thought about living frugally for a long time, but I shifted right when I met a nurse who was helping my father in ICU right after surgery.

After few exchange of words we immediately connected. He looked like one of the usual friends 10 years older, into fitness, very friendly, and non-judgmental, a pro with the ladies, among other skills. 

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