Tiny Habits

Tiny habits are essentially the small steps that will take us far. The problem to change, I see in many of us, is that we think we need massive change to achieve our goals, and due to what we see on TV and internet we want what we want and we want it now with no prior work on our part. 

I first discovered the power of tiny habits when I started freeletics.

Freeletics is a heavy workout routine that without a level of body resistance can be difficult. So this is what I did:

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A Life Changing Decision ( My Story with Minimalism)

I’m a simple person, don’t need much nor ask for much. However it hasn’t always been that way. Before Jun 2015, I was your regular guy socially awkward, not many friends, hardworking, student, extremely stable, didn’t drink, smoke, my life was all about my job, friends, girlfriend, school, and myself. Except for one small detail:

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