11 Cooking Tips for Guys

If you are in your 20′s and still don’t know how to cook, I suggest you grow the f*ck up and start today. it is not as bad as you think, and you can actually be creative with it. 

what i find amazing of all is that:
  • I don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for me.
  • I can what whatever I want whenever I want to.
  • it impresses the ladies.
  • Gives me more flexibility and independence.

If you want to learn today, get yourself few cook books, you can follow my pinterest account or follow few of the tops cook blogs out there.

Few more things:
  1. A guy should be able to cook and do it well, have fun and be creative with it.
  2. A guy should able to provide for himself and others.
  3. Eat healthy and be strong.
  4. it’s okay if you overcook or even burn a couple of meals once in a while.
  5. it’s okay to have a dine out once in a while but get used to getting your cooking skills handled first, it’ll save money and you will be more interesting.
  6. Learn how to budget, and stock your kitchen.
  7. Stop cooking with regular oil, start using olive oil, or I can’t believe is not butter.
  8. Cook more often in the oven, and cut the fried meals.
  9. Stop eating canned and frozen as much as possible, eating whole foods are probably more expensive but in the long run will be cheaper once you learn that you saved yourself a lot of time in the hospital and medical bills.
  10. Create you own recipe journal by adding entries of your favorite meals with specific instructions on how to make them.
  11. Surprise your date or your girlfriend with a bowl of grapes, cheese, and red wine and a nice plate made from scratch, she’ll appreciate it.

Resources you can start using today:

The Workout Mindset for Beginners Who Have No Idea What to Do

The average guy who wants a change in his life, lacks in motivation and commitment to make it happen. In my case I get stuck in the same patterns:

  1. Plan a complicated routine
  2. Train for few weeks
  3. Quit
  4. Fill my mind with regrets
  5. Repeat.
I recently adopted a new mindset for basically everything in my life which is totally the opposite of my usual ways.
  1. Build everything in modules: Mentally allow yourself a lot of time to do very little, always aiming for growth and progression, NOT perfection.
  2. Spend 15 minutes or less planning.
  3. Be specific: define your why
  4. Few minutes prior to execution: allow yourself to picture yourself performing very detailed.
  5. Track your progress: through a journal or an workout app, make sure you record, what you did correctly, what you did not, how you felt, how you will improve next time, and satisfaction rate.
  6. Manage your thoughts: guys usually spend a lot of time, sleepless nights thinking about the next workout. Try this instead. focus on step number two, then the whole workout time really focus on your movement, performance, quality of workout, go slower if you need to, and when you are done, move on to the next thing and don’t even think about it until the time comes.
Recapping Step two: do not take a lot of time planning, especially when you are a beginner, learn few basic moves such as:
  • How to do push-ups correctly.
  • How to do pull-ups correctly.
  • How to jog correctly.
  • How to do squats correctly
  • How to do deadlifts correctly.

If you spend a whole month, 3 to 5 times a week, 45 minutes just focusing on these 5 exercises until you do them right, you will be pulling off an entire body workout and setting the foundation to a more advanced levels.

While you are learning forget about workout music, bench presses, or any heavy lifting for that matter.
One more thing:
I recently got interested in the concept of flow. It’s a “mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does. Proposed by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi(sources)
Resources you can start using today:
Download an Nike+Running app.
Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha : book that focuses on workout, sex, and hormone optimization.
The Rise of Superman: focuses on performance optimization and Flow.

How to Buy Clothes

Recently I decided it was time to get new clothes. 

 change your closet

Set the goals. 

  1. Get the best possible quality: meaning 
  2. Get the best price in the market. 
  3. Fill my closet with stylish, brand clothing before the end of the year. 


Learn the basics:

know that: 

  • it takes practice and work to gain style it does not just happen.
  • it can be built up over time.
  • there are many resources available at an affordable price.
  • a guy’s closet should look like:
    • 2 white shirts
    • One blue shirt
    • two polos
    • a slim dark colored tie
    • a simple black belt
    • basic straight-leg blue jeans
    • several pairs of black cotton socks
    • two pairs of good shoes one black one dark brown
    • a navy blazer
    • a suit
    • an overcoat


Set the budget: what are you comfortable with? my range was $200.00 or less a month.

Finally: Build over time by deciding what you want to get, do the research and shop around for prices until you are 100% satisfied. 

Few more tips: 

    1. Females are usually great at class and style, take a girl you trust to shop with you, but only consider what she says, and get what you like and will wear. 
    2. Shop from low to high, I find that being picky about the price and really take a lot of time to get great deals have saved me a lot of money. 
    3. Follow blogs such as “the art of manliness” , i am alpha m,
    4. Get the book Details Men’s Style Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You
    5. Before getting started I bought a set of clothes for events which it was a nice Calvin Klein pair of pants and a nice blue shirt. 20140726-132507-48307262.jpg