How to Get Ready for Work

This is how I get ready for work. Part of my night ritual is to make sure everything is in order for next day, this gives me the chance to sleep in a bit longer and not rush and waste time. 

First Post Ever

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Who Am I?

Hey, welcome to my blog, my name is Rene, I’m Cuban currently living in Miami Florida.

I’ve been blogging for about two years, but off and on, until now that I decided to do it on a regular basis.

At the moment I have a job, work on a bachelor in Psychology at Keiser University, have a girlfriend, few friends (not too many), getting licensed in home inspection, writing a blog, improving my fitness, style, reading a lot, sharing my knowledge, and doing my best to be successful in my career.

Why am I blogging?

I feel like everything I do has a lot of potential to make the difference in my life and someone else’s. I’ve followed for quite some time few of the most successful bloggers and I think I can do the same in my own unique way.

My inspiration for blogging and getting out there come from a lot of my struggles, anxieties, fears, the way I’ve been dealing and defeating every single one of them, and I think I can document them all with specific guidelines so YOU can do the same.

What Am I blogging about?

Everything I do, until I decide to narrow it to specific topics. You will find my class notes, book reviews, quotes, relationships, social life, hobbies, and things I learn and do along the way. My main focus is the psychology of wellness, self-improvement, and building thyself from inside out.

The format and style:

I use APA format, and very personal/ informal writing.  

How can you get involved?

You can always email me, subscribe, leave comments and find me on the social media platforms, my favorites are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (I do recommend you check out my pins more than any other, because I have a ton of useful resources and I am constantly adding more.)

Thanks for reading, look forward to interacting with you in the upcoming days, months, and years