On Getting to Know Yourself

Everything I thought I know about women and even myself few years ago was wrong. One of the most important lessons I learned is that you don’t try and change other people, or do things to get them to like you or approve of you, but instead you develop the mind, the personality, and the body you want, and become a whole person and people will automately feel driven to you. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert on the topic of women, I’m rather shy, and I have a hard time approaching others, asking for what I want, and succeeding in the world of dating, which ironically makes me a perfect candidate to write about it, why? Because I feel that most pick up artists with years of experience and expertise, come across as very aggressive, intimidating, which makes it hard for those who’re starting out to follow along. I even dare to say that I only love two guys who are amazing at being modest and nice David De Angelo(link goes here) and Sean Stephenson(link goes here).

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New Chapter Opens on Rene’s Journal: Women, Dating, Sex

A new chapter opens on my blog, "Women, Dating, and Sex”. I am super excited to bring this topic to the table! I’ve spent about 3 years learning the psychology that involves being a good boyfriend, a good lover, and in general being good in the mating world. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert, I still have ways to go, but I thought it would be fun to share what i know to those who are starting out and can use some insight from someone whose already on the path. 

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Breaking Bonds with Your Books

One of the last things to give up were all my books. It was not easy. To me, my books defined me as a person, I thought that by having plenty of books I was smarter than others, but soon I realized it is not how many I had, but how many I actually read, and even further, how much I actually learned from each one of them. 

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My Journey of Self-Insight and Personal Growth

I was 20 and had always crazy ideas of becoming a millionaire, building a business and being financially independent. People thought I was crazy because of my current lifestyle, my income at the time, and my immaturity I could never be who I wanted to be. Except for one person, one of my best friends at the time, a 35 year old nurse who seemed crazier, more adventurous and incoherent for most of us. She came from Cuba at the age of 19 completely alone, on a boat, spent 2 years living in the streets, and getting hired at low paid jobs before she could actually afford her first house in this country.

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4 Important Lessons I Learned on My First Trip as Minimalist

Right now I can list all  my excuses to avoid going to amusement parks:

  • Too much walking
  • To many people
  • Long waiting lines
  • Everything is too expensive
  • Junk food
  • Too much noise
  • Florida’s humidity. 

Should i continue? 


The problem is, my girlfriend loves HHN and I love seen her happy, so anything in my power to make her smile even if it means taking a rib off and feeding it to the demons. But no, she just wants me to accompany her every year to Universal along with her friends. She starts convincing me around May so I can get mentally prepared by the end of September. 

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Minimalist Fitness - Freeletics, Master Your Body Before the Weights.

For me, minimalism manifested in different forms, fitness was one of the biggest. I came to me one day when I was hanging out with my friend and he says: -“Dude can’t wait to start freeletics…” and showed me a couple of Youtube videos of people running, jumping, and doing all sorts of cool movements. 

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Decluttering my Room

I mentioned in my first post , how amazing decluttering my email felt! After a week an half of unsubscribing and deleting, I wanted to expand to other areas, so I did. I took a look around my room, and noticed how even though I had very few possessions they still kept tied up to my job, to my credit card debts, and from living a more fulfilling life. Things that were nice to own, yet they didn’t really serve any purpose. 

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