My name is Rene and I am a fashion photographer based in Miami. I help models, magazines and ad agencies showcase their brand. I have a minor in web development and graphic design and a major in psychology.

A bit of my story…

I’ve spent the last fifteen years of my life in Miami, FL.

I was born in Cuba. As a child, too young to understand the repression me and my family were experiencing, my parents made the decision to leave with the promise that I could pursue anything.

I have always shown great interest in imagery. I spent long hours drawing, coloring, painting, looking at photos from other artist and photographers. My aunt even asked me take her wedding photos with a disposable camera and praised the results.

Growing up, I drifted away from art to focus on my Psychology degree and building a “career” for myself. I faced many

challenges during that time, such as the loss of my father and feeling like and outcast in new place. My father’s passing taught me that life is short, and one should fulfill one’s purpose at any cost. To me this means waking up every day, picking up my camera and creating.

Photography has helped me in ways I never expected, such as overcoming my inner challenges and forcing me to search for a change of scenery when I most needed. It motivates me to work hard every day, find solutions to many obstacles, and reminds me that the feeling of creating something you love cannot be replaced.

I began by shooting streets, landscape, friends and family. The day I finished my final Psychology exam, I put down my psychology books, and picked up the photography ones. It has since evolved into a passion for fashion photography.  

I have one philosophy:

Humans fascinate me, and I am determined to reveal their beauty through my lens.

As far as non-photography related quirks: I love coffee a little too much, I try my best to lead a healthy lifestyle even though pizza exists, and I run… sometimes.

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Phone number: 786-872-3358 | Instagram @reneferret | Twitter @reneferret | Email: reneferret@outlook.com