How to prepare for a photoshoot (Models)

So you’ve decided to go ahead and give yourself that photoshoot you’ve always wanted (with yours truly of course), but it’s either your first time, or you have little experience and need a little guidance. Luckily for you I exist…You’re welcome.

All expectations should happen at the time of signing the contracts, here is where you ask all the questions you have. However here is a little guide for you to base yourself next time you need it. Separated in two categories, before and 'the day of' the shoot.

Before the shoot:

Set expectations from the get go:

Make sure you know what’s exactly expected to be accomplished. In writing and make sure everyone signs off on it.

  • Date time and location

  • How many outfits

  • How many photos you’re getting.

  • How they’re edited

  • How you’re getting them

  • By when you’re getting it.

Practice posing:

I can do a whole blog post on it, and there are bunch of youtube videos on the topic, make sure to get comfortable in front of the camera by practicing in front of a mirror. It’s a good idea to speak with your photographer in regards of the mood of the shoot so you could have an idea of what the right posing techniques you can use.

Checklists are important request or create one:

Your photographer should have one, and you should create one for yourself as well.

  • Start with prioritizing good nutrition and a good night sleep the day before.

  • General body touch ups:

  • Whiten teeth

    1. Exfoliation

    2. DO NOT pick any pimples, instead cover with make up.

    3. Bring multiple outfits even when you agree to just one. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP. Bring something sexy, something dark, something professional, consider showing your collar bone, avoid prints, think about texture and colors, bring 2 kinds of shoes, one that's comfortable (no matter if they’re not that great looking) and your most favorite pair you cannot wait to show off.

The day of:

  • Come on time, at least 15 minutes before the session, nothing grinds my gears as much as someone who’s late. And as a general rule we do not grant extra time if you’re late unless you pay for it.

  • Keep in mind hair brushes and make up for retouch.

  • Bring waters, unless your photographer is nice enough to have a cooler ready for you.

  • A good idea is to bring your favorite playlist, good music will help you relax and enjoy your time.

Well I hope this helped, I know it does me, whenever I need to go back and review my lists and templates. If you like what you read make sure you share this info with someone who might need it and do not forget to follow me on instagram @reneferret